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Career wise is it always best to pursue an internship in college?

Is it beneficial doing internships in college for the career you decide choosing? I hear many pros and cons about internships regarding careers and I wanted a clear concise answer. #college #career #intern

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4 answers

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Sarah’s Answer

Hi Michelle,

Internships not only help prepare you for the 'real world' outside college, but they also help you decide if the career you're interested in is truly the right one for you. Without first-hand experience, your ideas of what you'd expect to do on a day-to-day basis after graduation could vary drastically from reality. Having an internship when you're a sophomore or junior in college gives you time to go back and reflect on your major while there's still time to make changes. Internships are also critical in building your professional network, and can lead to a full-time position after college.

Hope that helps!


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Ken’s Answer

The main reason for intern, coop, and shadowing programs is to help determine career fit and comfort. When I was doing college recruiting, the most frustrating thing that I encountered was the graduate, when first on the job found that it was not what he/she had expected. Many times careers and jobs look one way on the outside and another way on the inside. The only way to really tell is to experience the job in person and the best way is to take advantage of programs such as internships and coop programs. You do not want to go through all the time and expense of attaining a degree only to find that it was not right for you. It is much like buying a pair of shoes. They might look nice, but you want to try them on and walk around in them a little to make sure that they fit well and are comfortable.

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Cecília Iacoponi’s Answer

Hello Michelle.

Internship during college is good investment in you.

You know why?

Because with the internship you become familiar with the career, with the day to day, with the nomenclature of the technical terms, with the experience of living the profession that you want to embrace.

Also it can show you if this is the way or not that you want to tread.

Many times when we choose a career we are deluded by what it can offer and only in the internship we come into contact with what is the reality of that choice.

In addition, a student who is already doing internship has the possibility of being effective in the company, if he has a good performance as an intern.

Another strong point of the stage is the network that you develop – very important for your future.

Leaving to start understanding what the profession is after graduating is a bit late. Later still think about making contacts and meeting people only after they are formed.

Therefore, go ahead, get an internship and be sure that you will grow a lot, in addition to putting into practice the contents learned in the classroom.

Good luck. And a good internship.<img alt="https://res.cloudinary.com/careervillage/image/upload/v1522428889/46238.svg" height="60" src="//:0" width="60">

Cecília Iacoponi recommends the following next steps:

Get a internship
Be curious and involved with all the possibilities to learn about
Make network at your internship
Work hard
Try applying what you learn at university on the interniship

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Elisabetta’s Answer

Hi Michelle, it is absolutely recommended to work in internship positions during summer breaks during your university years. This significantly enhances your CV when you will have graduated and will be looking for a job! My advice is to get on LinkedIn, create a profile, set up job alerts for internship positions (you can filter location and working field). There are so many opportunities, even remote, that you can evaluate. The more experience you will get, the stronger candidate you will be after finishing university. Alternatively you can also work part time during the year, while you are studying. Other than getting the experience, you also get better with organisation and time management, which are key skills to have for life! All the very best