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How do you develop your class curriculum for a Special Education class, when the students vary in their needs?

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I ask this question because this is the career I am currently pursuing. #special-education

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Christina Marie’s Answer



I am glad to see that you are passionate about offering your students the most effective curriculum.

To answer your question simply, get involved with the special education community. Speak with teachers already in the field and bounce ideas off of them. Also, always keep up to date on articles referencing this important topic.

From my own experience, building a curriculum can be challenging especially if you are a fourth grade teacher who has to challenge her students with the exciting fourth grade material but adjust it with their first grade reading levels. It is possible! I usually take each lesson and I think about how I can make it more visual and meaningful for my students. I use many manipulatives and engage students with games that meet the Essential Learning Standards but also motivates them to participate and meets them right where they are academically.

This is a great site you could use, http://online.sju.edu/resource/special-education/top-10-resources-for-special-education-teachers

Also I use this to build my curriculum to assure all of my students who range in abilities reach their fullest potential: https://www.rethinkfirst.com

I hope my advice was of help and if you have any other questions feel free to ask. I wish you the very best on your future endeavors!!