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Is History a good major to have if you want to work in the Smithsonian Museum?

I really want to work in the Smithsonian Museum, so I switched my major from Social Studies Education to History. Was that a good choice? #college #history #museum #smithsonian

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Bethany’s Answer

Hi Shalaundye,

Really great question! A lot of college students want to make sure their college major will help them land the dream job after graduation. I have an MALA with a 24 hour concentration in History. I love History! I would think that a history major would serve you very well if you want to work at the Smithsonian or any other museum for that matter. To help answer your question more specifically I would encourage you to look at some current job openings at the Smithsonian to see what the requirements are. Here is a link to their job website: http://www.si.edu/OHR/jobs_public

Another thought would be to check out an internship or a fellowship at the Smithsonian or another museum while you are still in school. An internship would give you the opportunity to get some hands-on-experience that you can put on your resume and to network with people who are already in the field. I hope this helps!
What specific work do you want to do at the Smithsonian? I think that would be a really exciting place to work.