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how much money do you need to start a business

I want to own my own business #money for dog grooming

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2 answers

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Kimberly’s Answer

If you have good credit, you can get a loan at the bank.

But.... you can always start small and build up to what you want/need through your earnings. You can also start with word of mouth and create website or any other social media account. Then you can pay for business cards and advertising if needed.

Some questions you need to ask yourself - is this your career path or something you want to do part-time?

Do you want to have a mobile business and go to clients? (Do you want to go in homes or do you want a van?) Or do you want to rent/buy a building? (In this area, there are places where people can bring the pets and pay to use the rooms instead of the person doing the work.)

Are you going to hire others or work by yourself?

Do you have the proper insurance coverage - for yourself and the animals?

It's a wonderful venture for someone who loves animals - best wishes!
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Yuichi’s Answer

Hi Gianna,

So you want to start a dog grooming business, it's a great venture.
My wife and I have two dogs and we always try to choose those groomers who enjoy the profession.
If groomers look stressed, we feel they could harm our loving dogs and we do not choose the groomer.

To enjoy your profession, I believe you need three things.
Health, Economy and Love.
One thing we can easily forget is "Love" or "Support from people around you", family, friends, neighbors or anyone around you.
Please try to think about people around you. Make your business the one all the people love and enjoy.

I know you asked this question to have economic sustainability.
Kimberly's answer is perfect.

Please imagine how you can enjoy the profession the most.
Please imagine how, when, where you want to groom a dog.
Please imagine what you want to be in 3 years.
You will get an answer to Kimberly's questions to plan your business.

Make your business an enjoyable one, and you will succeed in the business and in your life :)
Good luck!