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Mariya P. Jan 17, 2018 283 views

How do you know the difference between risk taking and making rash decisions when choosing a college?

When looking at my college options, I understand that I have big dreams. I want to be a successful political journalist who attends a serious and respectable school. Looking back, I don't want to regret not pursuing oppurtunities and not taking risks. However, now I am in a cross road. Do I...

#future #college #risk-taking #dreams #university #professional #decision-making

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Jhovani G. Jan 25, 2018 402 views

Was it hard to pay off college?

I want to know my financial status and if college is the right path for me. #path #college #financial-planning...


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Lexi S. Aug 27, 2020 76 views
Ivette A.’s Avatar
Ivette A. Aug 31, 2020 147 views

.. I never finished high school and would like to get into real estate,, should I take certain math courses or any other courses to get started?

Im Stay at home Mom, for quite sum time. .Doubtful, tho I know I have potential. . Trying to get myself into a profession where I can possibly make good money. No clue where to start. No high school diploma....


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angel E. Sep 10, 2020 113 views

how much do you have to pay as a pediatrician for the whole time that you are there

how much does college cost for a pediatrician i want to know for future purposes. #pediatrician...


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Gianna G. Sep 29, 2020 70 views

how much money do you need to start a business

I want to own my own business #money for dog...

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Aniyah R. Sep 29, 2020 179 views

What are things that look good on College Applications?

My top career choices are the following. 1-Registered Nurse, 2- Physical Therapist, 3-Substance abuse counselor, or 4- HR management. However I do not know which one I will pursue yet. #psychology #healthcare #counselor #career #college #applications...


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Donnell W. Sep 29, 2020 314 views

As I get older what are things I can do now to set myself up for the adult life.

I am a 16 year old male that just want to live a good and humble life. #life...


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Nicholas P. Nov 25, 2020 149 views

If you had six months of free time between college graduation and your first job, what would you do during it?

Right now I have the great opportunity of having the months between January and June completely free as I allocated this time to travel and explore between college graduation and my first job. However, travel is looking unlikely due to the pandemic. I'd like to try and find a few things to do...

#gapsemester #postcollege #gapyear