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.. I never finished high school and would like to get into real estate,, should I take certain math courses or any other courses to get started?

Im Stay at home Mom, for quite sum time. .Doubtful, tho I know I have potential. . Trying to get myself into a profession where I can possibly make good money. No clue where to start. No high school diploma. #student

Thank you comment icon Hii Ivette,do some research on GED,its a homeschooling program but the work you do prepares you for a matric certificate,uou can do it at any age but to go to the writing center for your exams you have toe be 17+,I just started doing it and its been awesome and I love it so far,I’m turning 16 in May so I will only be able to ho write my exams in 2023 after I turn 17. Good luck!! Olga V.
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5 answers

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Esther Renee’s Answer

I see you are located in California. So you may want to check out . If you are looking to get into real estate in a different state, then you'll need to look up the specific requirements in that state. Below I have included a sample list of requirements for the state of California. The good news is it does not appear that a high school diploma is required and you may be able to directly pursue the real estate dreams you have. One last piece of advice, try to find someone already in your desired career field who would be willing to become a mentor. Showing you the ropes and helping you learn the in and outs of the industry. You are correct, you can do this!

Real Estate Salesperson Prelicensing Education Requirements
A. Be at least 18 years old
B. Non-California residents, please read:
C. Successfully complete 135 hours of education to include:

a. Real Estate Principles—45 hours (required)
b. Real Estate Practice—45 hours (required)
c. One of the courses from the following list:

i. Real Estate Appraisal
ii. Property Management
iii. Real Estate Finance
iv. Real Estate Economics
v. Legal Aspects of Real Estate
vi. Real Estate Office Administration
vii. General Accounting
viii. Business Law
ix. Escrows
x. Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending
xi. Computer Applications in Real Estate
xii. Common Interest Developments

D. Pass the state licensing exam (can only be provided by the State)
E. Upon passing the exam, applicants will receive an application for licensure. Please make sure to submit applications with all necessary items at the same time for timely processing; i.e.

a. Fingerprints
b. Background check
c. Submission of all fees

F. Review the Current Application Processing Timeframes page to have a clear understanding of the time frame
G. Statutory Course Important Note: Per the California Department of Real Estate guidelines, Statutory courses require a waiting period of 18 days before attempting a final exam. Additional exams will become available as the mandated 18-day wait period expires. You cannot apply one 18-day wait period to meet the wait time for all statutory courses
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Kimberly’s Answer

Contact your local real estate agencies. Some of the larger ones have their own training programs and will help you obtain your license. The requirements may vary by state.

You could also get your foot in the door by working as a receptionist or doing paper work there.
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Tia’s Answer

Two things:

1) Check out Graham Stephan on youtube. He made money in CA real estate and in his "how I made my money" video, he talks about the work involved to make money in CA real estate. ( Mariah Kristine Realtor is another good youtube channel on the realities of real estate. (

2) Most states offer free GED classes and with the pandemic, 100% are online. I would encourage you to at least get your GED. Studies show children will rise to the level of schooling their parents have.
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Kiirsten’s Answer

Hello Ivette!

Real Estate can be a lucrative profession, but it often takes time to build a rapport with the community. Like the previous answers, try starting off at a local realtor office as a receptionist or greeter-- this will help get you exposure to the business and you can pick up tidbits here and there. In the meantime, I also agree that you go get your GED-- many times with many jobs nowadays, a High School degree or GED is required. I know going back to school may be tough, but unfortunately with many professions, the HS degree or GED is a minimum. Check out your local community college to see if they offer night classes, or online as well :).

You got this!!
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Hassan’s Answer

I agree with Tia that getting a GED would be good. It will be foundation for many professions and/or getting a degree down the road. Here's some basic California GED info

El Monte-Rosemead Adult School also has GED services that you could explore.