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Is it different requirements if you going to be a 1-12 grade teacher?

If it different because of college teacher.


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3 answers

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Melody’s Answer

Thank you for your question Lexi. In short, the basic requirements to be a teacher are:
A 4-year bachelor's degree in education (or a program with a teaching practicum) typically includes general education, teaching courses, and one or more supervised classroom experiences.
Pass assessment and exams - State Specific
Obtain a state teaching license

Now, there are additional or specific requirements for PreK-K and pass 7 or 8 year. Generally, pass 8th year, teachers must have a degree or pass specific test for subject they are teaching. Most requirements are state specific. I would suggest going to your state's website or state department of education website and look at their stated requirements. For example:
colorado department of education

Every state, region or area generally has a department to handle these questions.

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Kimberly’s Answer

It depends on the state that you are in. If you are considering living in any other part of the country, it would be beneficial to research that area or go to college there. Some states accept teaching licenses from other states, others do not.

Kimberly recommends the following next steps:

Ask one of your former teachers or principals.
Contact or find the website for the state licensing for teachers.
If you are applying to or researching colleges, that department should be able to assist you.

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Lexi,

There are different education requirements depending on the level of school you want to teach. The education is usually a level about what you are teaching. So to teach k-12, you have to have a Bachelor's Degree. To teach Bachelor's degree programs, you have to have a Master's Degree. That is public education. i work in the private sector. The people in our company who act as teachers are often specialists in the field that they are teaching, which may or may not include a college diploma.