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What are things that look good on College Applications?

My top career choices are the following. 1-Registered Nurse, 2- Physical Therapist, 3-Substance abuse counselor, or 4- HR management. However I do not know which one I will pursue yet. #psychology #healthcare #counselor #career #college #applications #career-path

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8 answers

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John’s Answer

Aniyah while each college has a unique admissions process and criteria, most look at a few key indicators when reviewing application materials. Read on to learn what can make your college application stand out. A strong college application is one that demonstrates a student's academic curiosity and performance as well as his or her initiative and character. These qualities should resonate through all parts of the application, from academic transcripts and test scores to application forms and essays. In general, college admissions officers are looking for the following.

Your high school transcript will be an important admissions consideration at most schools. This is not to say that you need to have a 4.0 GPA. Good grades are important, but admissions officers are also looking for academic curiosity and an indication that you value your learning by taking challenging coursework. For example, a B in an AP class may bring down your GPA, but will carry more weight on your college application than an A in a remedial class.

Your college admission test score doesn't need to be perfect, but should reflect your level of performance in high school. Typically, if you're on the bubble at a particular college, the other components of your application will take precedence over your ACT or SAT score. However, admissions officers generally recommend that you prepare well for your SAT or ACT test, and retake it only if you believe you'll earn a significantly higher score.

Many schools include an essay component in their applications to get a better idea of who an applicant is as a person. While completing this part of the application might sound intimidating, it's a great chance for you to show what sets you apart from other prospective students. The most important thing to remember is to be open and honest. Don't worry about what you think you should say. Instead, use the opportunity to communicate who you genuinely are.

Keep in mind that, along with transcripts and standardized test scores, your college application itself serves to demonstrate the attributes that will make you a successful college student. In addition to academic ability, many schools name character and integrity as high priorities when considering applicants. Demonstrate these qualities by:
• Including a list of volunteer work, part-time jobs, or community service alongside an explanation of what you learned from these experiences and how you contributed to a workplace or organization.
• Asking for recommendations from teachers and other adults who can vouch for your academic performance as well as personal qualities and characteristics. Check out this lesson on choosing references for tips on asking the right people.
• Detailing any and all examples of your leadership abilities and skills. Don't think that you have to be your senior class president to make an impression; it is the demonstration of leadership skills - in any group or situation - that counts.
• Keeping your social media presence clear of anything you wouldn't want a college admissions officer to see. Roughly 40% of schools report that they check out the social media profiles of applicants.

Lastly Aniyah, most college admissions officers are looking for students who demonstrate genuine interest in attending their schools. Show that you want to be a part of a school's student body by applying for early admission and taking part in campus visits. Interviewing with admissions officers could also be especially helpful. This short lesson on the college admissions interview process can help you prepare.

Hope this was Helpful Aniyah

Thank you so much! This was definitely helpful! Aniyah R.

You are welcome Aniyah, it was my Pleasure. What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. John Frick

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Thomas "TC"’s Answer

Aniyah- here some things that can't hurt!

A high GPA (relative to what admitted students have) and a rigorous curriculum

Strong test scores (relative to what admitted students have)

A specific, honest, and well-written personal statement

A unique extracurricular interest or passion]

Volunteering experience with measurable impact

Compelling letters of recommendation written on your behalf

Work experience, particularly jobs related to your academic or professional interests

Good Luck,

Thank you so much! Aniyah R.

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Gina’s Answer

Volunteer work.
Relative paid working experience.
A solid GPA with College Prep/Accelerated courses
Above average SAT/ACT test score
Letter of recommendation from counselors or instructors relevant to your area of intended study.

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Richard’s Answer

The most important parts of college applications are:
Test Scores - Most college require either the SAT or ACT. You're just the right time to begin taking them (you can take them as much as you want until you get a score you're happy with). Start studying through
Khan Academy or buying study books at a library to prepare.
Volunteer Hours - Colleges always look for well-rounded, good people. A key component to this is how much of your time you spend volunteering.
Organizations, specifically leadership positions - Many universities LOVE leaders. Having leadership positions, especially elected ones, will help you both to get in to colleges and to get scholarships.
Good grades in tough classes - Take as many AP or IB classes as you can, and always work to have as high a GPA as you can.
Essays - The essays are one of the most critical components of a successful college application. During your classes, focus on improving your writings skills so that you can craft the best essays you can when your applications start.

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Kimberly’s Answer

As the other comments state above, being a well-rounded individual is what college are looking for. They want to see that you are a strong student, good to the community, and passionate in your personal statement. What you decide to pursue outside of school does matter. For example, volunteering at a nursing home will show you are a patient, caring individual. For the fields you listed, this may be a great volunteering opportunity for you.

Since you are still deciding on what you want to pursue, I recommend taking a look more into those fields and writing a pro/con list as to why you would want to study that. Taking a deeper dive may help you determine some outside volunteer activities to pursue. It also helps if you are dedicated to something for a few years. Back to the nursing home example, it will be better to show you were there for 3 years compared to only a few months.

If you want further advice about the HR Management route, let me know! That was my track and honestly, I love the field. Make sure you find a field you are passionate about and you fall in love with it.

Thank you so much! I will look more into the fields and see what is best for me. As well as places to volunteer! Aniyah R.

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Estelle’s Answer

Any application to a healthcare field is enhanced by experience within that field. If you can find a shadowing opportunity with family, a family friend, or acquaintance, you will have the chance to decide whether you would be a good fit for that specialty. It is always nice to demonstrate on an application that you have made an effort to become familiar with the field.

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Kimberly’s Answer

1. Good grades
2. Involvement in extra-curricular activities.
3. Volunteer and work experience.
4. Leadership roles.
5. Solid letters of recommendation.
6. Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Thank you! Aniyah R.

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Lauren’s Answer

A good way to stand out on college applications/ resumes is to be very involved! Having good grades and impressive academic accomplishments are important, but having extracurriculars, leadership experience, or something that can show how you were more involved than just being a student, is a great way to show a college that you have more to offer. There are thousands of applications that need to be reviewed so having something that stands out can be very beneficial! Join clubs, run for student council, or even start volunteering on weekends! They want to get to know the student and see what other passions and involvement they have to offer!
Hope this helps!

Thank you so much! Aniyah R.