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when is a good time to start my career path/plan?

Asked Beaverton, Oregon

I'm going to be a senior this fall and i want to start taking my future more seriously and start planning my career path. #career #career-path #planning

2 answers

Chris’s Answer

Updated Anaheim, California

My three biggest pieces of advice are as follows:

(1) Work as hard as you can to secure an internship for your fall semester. Internship/work experience is a mandatory supplement to relevant coursework and a good GPA. Ideally, the summer before your senior year is when most formal internship programs are offered so if possible, try and get an internship this summer. But with it being this late, that is highly unlikely so hone in on a fall internship instead. (2) Never pass up an opportunity to network. Attend any/all networking events offered by your college to build yourself a pipeline of people who will be working in your field of pursuit down the line and you can use to help create opportunities for you down the line. (3) This goes without saying but study as hard as you can and get your major GPA as high as it can be, as that is one of the main drivers of entry-level post-college hiring, along with interview skills and internship experience.

Good luck, Aylin!

Thank you Chris for taking the time to answer my question. Your response helped a lot!

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Aylin!

Here is a good place to start: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/make-a-plan http://www.firstgenerationstudent.com/plan/