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the best field to become CA

i want to become a CA

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Deb’s Answer

In CCI a frequently asked question is what are the options available after/with CA or CS? So please find below some suggestions.

There are many courses which you can pursue with CA or CS. However the choice and decision depends upon many factors like one’s own interest, cost, duration, time devotion etc. depending upon your circumstances.

In this regard I’d suggest you to explore your own interest and then decide what you want to do in future.


CS, ICWA, CFA (US), CMA (UK). These are long term duration with more than 3 years.

CPA, CFP, CIA, CISA etc. are medium term duration depending upon the devotion and your level of knowledge.

Further there are many certification programmes like, CIFRS, NCFM, CMA (US) etc. NCFM course is conducted by the Indian Stock Exchanges and concerned with security market.

The combination of CA+CFA is good in case the interest is for Investment banking and Portfolio Management.

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The best field to become Chartered Accountant (CA) is commerce. One becomes CA after successfully completing the course of chartered accountancy conducted by ICAI ( Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). Eligibility of joining chartered accountancy is one should have passed 10+2 for registering into the foundation course of one-year duration. After then one has become eligible to appear in the intermediate and final exam of ICAI. Commerce graduates with good records are more suited for chartered accountancy.

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Vikshith’s Answer

1- Core Finance
(Asset Management, Investment Banking, Corporate Planning & Budgeting)
These profiles require a lot of work on your technical skills like business mapping, understanding finances and industry trends, thorough review of financials, market intelligence and other hard-bound skills
Personal Opinion:
CAs are very well fit for the profiles which require a greater understanding of the underlying business, accounts and financial statements. There might be though competition with MBAs but enough firms would prefer CAs..