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How much would I make ?

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Suzanne’s Answer

Like with many professions, midwifery can give you levels of pay depending on what your practice is encompassing and where you work.
Most grads start out at $50/hour. Call should be extra. Add up your benefit package. Licenses, fees, CME's are very expensive. So $50 per hour could seem reasonable if your not paying for these items out of pocket.
Private practice may pay more than a health center but some health centers offer tuition reimbursement depending on their HPSA score and whether your state and insurance companies recognize midwives as primary care providers.

Suzanne recommends the following next steps:

Check your state Midwifery License Regulations
Ask all types of midwives their salary. Ask if they are taking call. Do they do full-scope? Do they have added credentials as a FNP
Check private insurance companies and whether they credential midwives. Not all of them do and that can mean less income