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what is the biggest challenge in being a nurse?

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2 answers

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Aaron’s Answer

Hi Abigale,

The biggest challenge in being a nurse is graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree needed to become a registered nurse from nursing school. This is the biggest challenge because the education is very rigorous with a lot of assignments that need to be completed with quizzes, exams and readings within the 4 years of nursing school. You have to balance clinical hours that are usually 8 hours where you perform the skills you learned as a nurse in the classroom such as giving injections with a needle and a syringe just like a flu shot and us it in a clinical setting such as a hospital caring for people. In nursing school you conduct community service hours at a site such as being an after school tutor at an elementary, middle or high school. In the end when you graduate it will be worth it. Hope this helps.

-Thank you,

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Jami’s Answer

I agree nursing school is hard. Nursing can be a stressful career. It is busy and there is a lot to remember. Nurses are always learning and no two patients will be the same. It is physically and mentally exhausting.
Finding a place to work that values their employees and has great management and leadership will make your nursing career more enjoyable.