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Nallely Feb 19 392 views

can you get into nursing school without any prior relevant experience ?

I want to apply to nursing school to earn my associates degree. However, I’m 23, have only worked in retail, and I currently volunteer as a tutor for children.

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joselin Aug 26, 2021 684 views

what is something you wish you knew before becoming a nurse ?

#nurse #nurse-practitioner #healthcare #medicine #nursing

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Dec 13, 2021 508 views

Most enjoyable nursing jobs?

What nursing jobs are the most fulfilling and manageable over time? #nursing #nurse #healthcare

ja’s Avatar
ja Jul 01, 2021 512 views

is being a desk nurse an actual job?

I truly do want have a job in the medical field, i'm just not sure of the stress. #nursing #hospital-and-health-care #doctor #medical

Jaydalee’s Avatar
Jaydalee Jun 17, 2021 749 views

How to become a certified nurse assistant?

I tend to love helping others in need. I enjoy helping my own mother out with duties she needs to take care of. I’m a person for others can come and talk to me if they’re dealing with some personal things I like helping others. #healthcare #nursing #healthcare

Arely’s Avatar
Arely Jun 12, 2021 625 views

If I have schizophrenia can I work at night as a Nurse?

#nurse #nursing #registered-nurses #medicine

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Nicole Jun 11, 2021 376 views

What are your advice setting a career goal for yourself?

I am currently a nursing student and I heard about setting a career goal such as creating a to-do lists. I would like to know if anyone has advice on creating one for my major. #nursing

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jun 11, 2021 319 views

What are some tips for nursing?

I’m a senior in college and I would like some tips to be prepared #nursing #college #healthcare #healthcare #healthcare

Shelena’s Avatar
Shelena Jun 06, 2021 242 views

What requirements do I need to become a Midwife?

#nursing #nurse#midwife

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Da’Mya Jun 02, 2021 288 views

What guidelines define a non-healing wound?


Angel’s Avatar
Angel Jun 01, 2021 388 views

Why do people work so much?

question. #work #9/5 #workload

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Timothy May 28, 2021 375 views

After finshing my persuit in education I, plan on becoming a Registered Nurse.

#planning #success

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Acacia May 20, 2021 294 views

How do you create a bond with animals?

any animal doesn't have to be household either #career

Shamario’s Avatar
Shamario May 20, 2021 315 views

What are the steps to become a police Officer?

Hello im Shamario im 17 years old , I am in the 11th grader and would like to know the steps to become a police officer? #policeofficer

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Tyrese May 17, 2021 1013 views

Where do I begin to become a firefighter?

#firefighter #chefs