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KayLea B. Oct 30, 2016 453 views

Are there any good online programs for nursing/medical field?

I am about to be a mother and as much as I want to go to a college on campus, it is going to be hard to find a babysitter with everyone I know working. #nursing #online-learning...


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Wanda C. Jan 16, 2018 277 views

Best Registered Nursing programs

I am seeking the best Registered Nursing programs. #nursing #registered-nurses #healthcare...


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Mahpara F. Apr 27, 2018 369 views

Will my parents be happy with the choices i'm making for my future?

Ever since dad has passed and mom has lost her voice since his loss , there has only been silence among them. I have no idea where my future is going or where it will be. All I want to know is if they will be happy. Thats all....


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marquette F. Mar 15, 2019 233 views

what other retirements for this job

will there be relocation required...


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casey L. May 21, 2019 153 views

advise from a nurse?

I would like advice from a nurse on working conditions in Christiania hospital...


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summer B. Jun 12, 2019 190 views
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destiny G. Jul 22, 2019 94 views

what do you like most/least about the medical field?

I enjoy taking care of the patients. It's get exhausted when you have to work long shifts every so often. #healthcare#nursing...


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Mackenzie G. Aug 26, 2019 95 views

what kind of classes will i need for nursing at a tech school

I am a senior at Miller High School. I am planning on attending college at Western Dakota Tech in Rapid City. I want to work at the Sanford Health Hospital. #nursing #medicine...


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Mackenzie G. Aug 26, 2019 99 views
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tiara K. Aug 27, 2019 108 views

whats it like to be a labor and and delivery nurse?

I am a sophmore. I cheer at my school and i would reallly like to be a model. i love babies and babysitting....