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Are psychologists patients boring?

Are there just broken patients that need help with their problems or there more people with trauma? Or are there some crazy psychopaths that are fun to learn about? Also do you get 2nd hand trauma #fun

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Joseph’s Answer

Clinical psychology and behavioral health encompasses a wide range of patients. A psychologist (or other behavioral clinician) may specialize in and see a wide range of patients from those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD is a result of trauma) to "crazy" psychopaths (which is not correctly termed by the asker, and is instead more of Hollywood hype [so chances are that those who are psychopathic or antisocial may actually live lives quite similar to you and me].)

You can get post-traumatic stress disorder from being a "first responder" (which the term is actually broad in this sense and can even include people such as journalists, judges, and criminal attorneys...not just police and EMS), but that comes from directly viewing disturbing scenes (not simply listening to it [second hand as you put it]). However, hearing about such traumatic events and working with traumatized clients can lead to compassionate burnout, but that is not PTSD (although it can lead to serious mental health concerns and illnesses if not properly handled.)

Note that I am not a clinician nor do I plan to be, but thought I throw some textbook language at you to see if it helps.