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i would kindly like to know what the best lifetime job would be.

Hello! my name is Jayden . I would really like to know what the best lifetime job you could possibly have for a while. #fun

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3 answers

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Sandra’s Answer

Hi Jayden-

It really depends on you! What are your interests? What doesn't feel like work to you? Is there anything you do for fun today, that you wish someone could pay you for? Think about those things and then research careers in those areas. Think about what your core values are, and how a job could help align with those values.

For me, I really enjoy solving problems and helping people. My work history is a mix of project management and customer success in the tech industry.

Also, be open to changes. A path of study isn't final. Try something out for a while, and if it fits. great! If not, find ways to pivot to something related, or retrain! Plenty of options out there for a fulfilling career.

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Ken’s Answer

You are asking a very important question. It is very important that we enjoy what we do on a job. The goal is to look forward to going to work every day, because we enjoy it.
A good start is to go to your school counselor and ask about talking about taking interest and aptitude tests. This will help determine with which careers your interests and aptitudes are aligned. Then, you can ask your counselor to help you talk with graduates of your school who have gone into those career areas, so you can get more of an idea about this being something that you would enjoy.
Another helpful person would be the reference librarian at you local library, who can identify professional organizations to which people in your career area might belong and help arrange for you to go to meetings as a guest, so you can get to know people in that career area.
Send thank you notes to people who help you.
Good Luck!
I will be happy to help you further if needed.

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Estelle’s Answer

I am biased, but I think that medicine is a great field. I have spent the last 30 years working as a gynecologist and cannot imagine a more fulfilling career.