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What information would I need in an Interview?

I am planning to become a Medical Scientist after graduating from college and I am also in the 12th grade. medical scientist

want to do clinical research and this is an interview for after college

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2 answers

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Anirban’s Answer

What do you mean by medical scientist specifically? What kind of research (basic, translational, or clinical)? Is this an interview after college, or for college admissions? Please add some more information, and I'd love to help out more.

I want to do clinical research and this is an interview for after college. Maiya L.

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Natalie’s Answer

A lot of interviews today are “behavioral.” The company will ask you situations either hypothetical or examples from your past to understand the situation, your actions, and the results. The idea is to understand if you are a culture fit and assess your capability to learn new things.

In these sessions, be genuine and thoughtful. You are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you... you want to make sure it’s a good fit for both.

Most behavioral interviews don’t ask for specific technical information. That said, some companies and professions also conduct a separate “technical assessment.” This evaluation sometimes comes in the form of an online test for critical thinking skills (basic math and reasoning), discussions on your labs or research, or give you a love problem to solve.

There is no harm in asking the company their interview process, so you can then be prepared for all of the above.

Good luck!