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How many years do I have to go to college?

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3 answers

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Brooke’s Answer

Hello Yazmine! Based on your hashtags, I assume you are asking about the number of years necessary to become a doctor/physician. The answer to this is:
Graduate high school
Complete 4 year Bachelor's degree
Attend 4 years medical school
Attend residency program (varies in length)--min 3 years, although you are getting paid a resident salary and have graduated medical school. This is still a necessary part of training, though, to be a physician.
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Estelle’s Answer

4 years of college. Your major is not as important as your undergraduate grades, your MCAT score, your letters of reference, and your personal statements on your medical school application. For now, just focus on finding a college that fits you and your budget and a major that really interests you in college so that you will make great grades and get strong letters of recommendation from professors that recognize your potential.
Good luck!
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Valerie’s Answer

Hi Yazmine,
To become a doctor you need to go to 4 years of college, and then go to 4 years of medical school. After medical school, you will have a specialty and need to practice before you can practice on your own ( this is called residency). The time of residency is different for each specialty, for example: A pediatrician has a 3 year residency and a neurosurgeon has 6-8 years. I hope this information can help!