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What should my career be?

Hello, I'm a junior in high school and still not sure about my career choice and what to major in. I'm interested in jobs that involve law, investigation, and maybe science. Even though I'm interested in legal professions, I don't want to become a lawyer. I like to investigate and analyze things. I also like working with information and data. I've considered becoming something like an intelligence officer, Forensic Scientist, or Crime Scene Investigator, but I'm not really confident that I could become one. What type of career will best fit me?
p/s: I don't really mind if the job is stressful or has long hours.
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6 answers

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Justin’s Answer

Hi Ann. I appreciate the thought that you've put into it so far. I like that you're thinking about what you like, rather than a specific job.

The things that you said you like doing can be applied in many fields/careers, so I'd expand your thinking a little... think about what other things energize you vs drain you, e.g. collaboration with others, helping people, leading people, learning from others or learning from studying, etc. If you can cross reference multiple skills and likes together, then you'll get a better idea.

And don't worry if you don't have all the answers now, you'll learn the most by trying things. Either by getting a job/internship, or by asking someone questions, or by shadowing someone if possible.

As an example, I left HS and started college studying architecture, then switched to Film + Advertising, and I now have a successful and happy career in software sales haha. So good luck, have fun, and try things!

Justin recommends the following next steps:

Think of a few careers you might consider, join LinkedIn and ask people if they'll answer a couple questions about their job
pick something and jump in to learn

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Jojo’s Answer

Hello there! Because your interest seems somewhat broad (which is a good and exciting thing!), I would slightly advise against trying to find a definite career choice at the moment. Instead, I think it would be a good option to improve and hone your investigative and analytical skills in a variety of ways. For example, some respondents to this question have recommended a Business degree for the flexibility and applicability to a variety of functions, and I agree that this could be a way of practicing your critical thinking skills! I also think it teaches you the practice of gathering the confidence and experience of advocating for yourself and your work.

Another thing I would recommend is to do some more research on your own on what tasks someone in an interesting career option would do. Asking yourself questions and thinking critically of whether these are of interest could help you continue to cut down on the career options pool, much like how you knew you didn't want to be a lawyer.

Overall, I want to highlight that many skills can be applied broadly, but when you are able to find an interest, that is a prime opportunity for you to dive in. (Also, people change majors often and it often takes a while to understand what you want to do!) Essentially, learning by trying is a pretty decent indicator of what you like and don't like, and there's really no huge rush to this process as long as you're learning and applying your newfound knowledge every step of the way.

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Waleed’s Answer

If you enjoy investigating and analyzing data, I would recommend considering a career in investigative journalism. Investigative journalists thoroughly research a topic to expose evidence and deliver findings of figures or organizations to a wider audience. Investigative journalists conduct in-depth research and use various tactics to collect information. After collecting and evaluating evidence, investigative journalists write comprehensive reports to expose the subject and provide evidence to support their conclusions.

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Felicia’s Answer

Looking into studying business may be a good option if you are still exploring exactly what type of profession you would like to pursue. Being comfortable with data continues to be more and more important in a digital world. A business degree gives you ample flexibiltiy to apply for a variety of industries - and the coursework will help you develop in many areas. For example, you could work as an analyst or consultant where you work with data to solve problems for public or private companies.

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Terri’s Answer

First, remember if you want to do something badly enough, you can make it happen, so don't doubt yourself. Also remember there is nothing wrong with trying different things to find your fit, that's part of life.
Career options. You could look into Computer Science and Computer Forensics. Business Analyst, Statistics, FBI. You could also consider the military, where they will test you, and make suggestions for different career paths and then send you to school. If you love your chosen field, you can go to school paid for while you serve in that career path, Win/Win!! It is an excellent way to get your schooling, find your niche, and serve your country at the same time.

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Sara’s Answer

Hi Ann,

If you enjoy analyzing and investigating, you could also consider going into auditing (forensic audit, internal audit etc.)
I am confident that you can become whatever you want to be, once you have decided what to focus on.

Good luck with your future career!

Awesome advice! Terri DeWalt