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What do you find being the hardest task as a cosmetologist?

I am a 10th grader and i am beginning to look into my future as a cosmetologist, What do you find being the hardest thing to do as a cosmetologist?
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2 answers

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Omar’s Answer

My wife has done it for many years and the hardest part is building that client base. She started out making very little money but eventually her clients grew and now she is at the point that she cannot take any new clients. Her biggest suggestion is getting into a higher end salon. It will gain you incredible knowledge and also develop relationships with some great resources. Also, continually receiving training from top schools like Aveda or Vidal Sassoon

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Leah’s Answer

I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 15 years, and the hardest thing for me are the back issues caused from standing up all day. Also, with building clientele, but that doesn’t last forever, you will build clientele if you work hard. I strongly suggest always wearing comfortable shoes, and making sure you have a good mat to stand on.