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Would I move up say in a horse breeding facility faster with an Associates in Equine Health and Complimentary Therapies than if I did not have that degree?

I am 17 and I have been around horses for 11 years. I have volunteered working at a barn, I have taken horse back riding lessons for 11 years. I worked at a barn cleaning draft horse stalls and stacking hay. I am also currently working 5 days a week at a barn caring for and working the horses. I am passionate about horses and couldn't imagine doing anything else! One day I hope to have my own business with massage therapy for horses. #horselife #horsegirl #massagetherapy #business

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2 answers

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Marcus’s Answer

Hi Amanda, I am not in the equestrian line of business but my very close friend is. Similarly to you, she has been around horses her whole life. She has worked in several very upscale barns but without much ability to move up. Although, she is very respected in this community because she is great at what she does. And, she she never finds it hard to find a job. I think Equine Health and Complimentary Therapies would help broaden your knowledge in this field but a BA in Business or MBA would come in handy when starting your own business. OR learning more about business on your own or from a mentor.

She has a BA in Business and has actually created her own equestrian online marketplace which has become very popular in Santa Barbara. Because she has the business acumen to facilitate a budgets, marketing, raising money, and managing employees (plus determination) her business has become very successful and she is only 28.

Hope this helps!

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Paul’s Answer

Hi Amanda! My advice is general and for anyone contemplating pursuing higher education for job advancement.

1. Talk to your employer and let them know your intentions. Then ask them what they would require from you to get that position.

2. Make sure the investment in your higher education is worth the position you want. For example, if the cost of your education will be $50,000 and take you four years to complete but the position you want only pays $5 more than what your making now, is that worth it?

3. Some employers offer educational assistance. Make sure you check with your employer prior to signing up for classes.

Hope this helps! Good luck!