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What are good secondary schools for Cosmetology?

I am in Ohio and wanting to get certified in cosmetology and don't know any good secondary schools to start at? I don't know what part of cosmetology exactly I want to do but just in general. #secondarycosmetologyschools #cosmetology #hair-nails-hair #cosmetologysschools #ohioschools

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2 answers

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Edward’s Answer

I searched and noticed a number of schools in your area. Your goal with attending cosmetology school is to meet your state's licensing requirements (you will be able to find that information on your state's Department of Education website). Once you know thst information, you will be able to compare that with what is provided through each school that you review.
You will also want find out how the school "packages" what they offer. Do they provide you with all the supplies you need, or are you responsible for getting them yourself? How do they or do they help you prepare for the state board exam? Are the fees for exams included or not? What are your options to pay for school? What kind of help do you get with finding employment when you are licensed? These are just a few questions.

Lastly, it is important to get a sense for the type of guidance you will get from the instructors. Once in a program you will be exposed to a variety of skills - some you will not find very interesting, others will blow your mind and excite you. It is not until you are in a program however that you may discover the direction you want to take the career, but the right program will have instructors from a variety of backgrounds to help guide you in the direction that works for you.

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Hassan’s Answer

Your local Better Business Bureau has a list of schools here https://www.bbb.org/search?city=grafton&find_country=USA&find_entity=60135-000&find_id=1659_4500-2500-400&find_latlng=41.272552%2C-82.054589&find_loc=Grafton%2C%20OH&find_text=Beauty%20School&find_type=Category&page=1&sort=Distance&state=oh

I'd suggest you thoroughly research them to understand costs and the likelihood of getting a job after completion.