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what is your favorite park of working firefighter

i want to make i get everyone out safe and make sure everyone is safe and im a ahrd worker #community

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1 answer

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Thomas’s Answer

Here is what some firefighters had to say:

"A. Helping others

"Being able to handle something when everyone else's lives are in chaos. Helping those in need regardless of the risk to ourselves. Knowing someone is still alive today or their house is still standing because we were able to be their angel on their day of need. That's the greatest part of my job. Without the thanks even needed." -Ben Belzel

"Knowing that you help the people who need it the most at their weakest moments." -Anthony Kilroy

"When we tell the victims that everything is going to be OK." -Danny O'Balle

"The best part of the job for me is knowing I'm doing my part to make a difference. With all the negative in the world, we're here to do some good. Whether paid or volunteer, that's what this job is all about. There will never be a better feeling than knowing you did your part in saving someone's life, possessions, or home. Thanks to all of the fellow brothers and sisters for doing your part!" -Jordan Uselman

A. The brotherhood

"Going home with the same crew you went there with." -Mo Emond

"Being able to sit down with the brothers around a table and have a good time." -Richie Nye

"My second family." -Joel Hallstrom

"Seeing new firefighters' faces when they finally get it and watching people grow and advance in their careers." -Rich Etheridge

A. The equipment

"Working with all the cool equipment... and helping all the people in need of course." -Jeff Wackerman

"The feeling you get when you are fully suited up ready to go." -Jimmy Horton

"Helping people in one their greatest times of need. Oh, and of course being able to still be a Toys-R-Us kid, play with adult sized toys and get paid to do it!" -Bob Johnson

A. Being a role model

"When I get a drawing from a child when we visit them at school saying they like that a girl can be a firefighter." -Narelle Ireland

"Just having the kids look up to you and say they want to be like you someday." -Jake Hemstreet

"Giving my son someone to look up to." -Arianna Case

"Teaching kids about fire safety at home and watching the smile on their faces when they sit up in the truck." -Todd Rielley

"Seeing kids look up to us like we did when we were little, life just repeating itself with brotherhood." -Mark Story

A. Driving to a call

"Riding in a big red truck!" -Brandon Hall

"Riding backwards, lights and sirens. Even if it's just a CO alarm." -Kevin Tracz Jr.

"My favorite part of the job used to be driving to call. I really enjoyed making the noise and just the feel of driving that old '81 American LaFrance to a scene." -Rob Cyphers

"Safely navigating the fire truck through traffic with the lights on, sirens blaring and a few tugs of the air horn here and there." -Todd Livingston

A. Appreciation

"Never expecting a thank you but then having someone come to the station and do it out of the kindness of their heart!" -Kyle McConnell

"Waking up at 3 a.m. and extricating a person from a mangled wreck and as you roll them to the ambulance they grab your hand, say 'thank you' and smile." -Ray Kulpa Jr.

"The barely audible 'thank you' from a patient's family member after you treat them." -Spencer Craig

"The free beer people give when they find out what you do for a living." -Cody Steavens

"The 'thank you' and not just someone saying it, but meaning it. Even if it is said after they just lost the most important thing in their life. Makes all the hard work and training worth it in that very second." -Ted Dewey

"Having a family come by the station with a large basket of goodies expressing their thanks and gratitude to us for helping them over a year ago. Knowing you made a difference in their lives and a lasting impression." -Steve Walsh

A. Surviving

"Go in alive and come out alive." -Travis Karmolinski

"Being safe on site, with no injuries to civilians or firefighters. Going home the same way you left." -Dennis Hiscock

"Going home to my family bruised and sore. Thankful to be alive one more time." -Mike Mather

A. Everything!

"The best part is that everything everyone has said is a 'best part!'" -Kyle Kay

"Actually, everyone's answer is the same, the tone, adrenaline rush, clocking in or put, and just knowing that what you did that day may have put tears on a family but yet they're smiling knowing that their loved one is okay... Paid or volunteer, every firefighter/EMT/paramedic, we all love our job." -Andrew Coberley

"Big trucks. Helping those in need. Time swaps on short notice that preserve your overtime pay. Having friends worldwide just for being who you are. The rare opportunity of making it through the last eight hours of a 24 without a call. Still being somebody's "hero" when you don't think you deserve it. Knowing your profession is more than just a job, but can be a legacy if you apply yourself. A hug from your child after a grueling shift." -David Wicker"