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How do i know what i am "good at" when it comes choosing a carrer.

I love to skate and workout. I have this thing called Poland syndrome which affects my hand and I have a total of 8 fingers. I believe that if you set your mind to something, you can accomplish anything.#ihavenoideawhatiwanttodowithmylife

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3 answers

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Nikki’s Answer

I agree with you as well that having the determination and commitment is usually half the battle. And I encourage you to keep that positive mindset as you begin your career journey.

Your question is actually very interesting Dominic because for some people, they discover what they are good at midway into a career. The most ideal situation is being able to do something that you are passionate about and get paid for it. So you can start by identifying what you enjoy the most but also challenge yourself to explore other fields outside of your interests.

Each job that you have as you build your career is incremental and will contribute to your learning and growth. Even if you start in a job that may not match your interests, you will learn something from it such as good work habits, working with a team and communicating with people.

Good luck and keep the positive mindset!

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Elaine’s Answer

Hi there!

You are already on the right track with your positive thinking! The most important advice I can offer is...do what you love! When you do what you love, it will never feel like work.

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Rohit’s Answer

Dear Dominic,

Your belief is completely true. If you have set your mind onto something, you can accomplish anything.

When you have this belief inside you, what is that exactly bothering you?
Why do you think that knowing what to do in life is mandatory? Most of us don't know what they should do, what they really like to do and it is okay, We evolve and we do it with our everyday experiences.

If love to skate and workout focus on that then. Set yourself challenges on how far you can go in these disciplines.. Get yourself good coaches and mentors in these fields. Train and train hard. The experiences you pick up from here might lead you to do something else. Let it be.. don't worry and don't be afraid of failing.

May your dreams come true.