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Carpentry, How do you know its the right career.

I really love working with wood, I have really good woodworking skills. I am From A town Called Gallup, in New Mexico. My hobby's are really just designing things with wood. #career #carpentry

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2 answers

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Jon’s Answer

Hi from a 45 year hobbyist (not my career) woodworker.
To find out if you think it would be the right career for you I would do two things:
1. Find woodworkers on Instagram and follow them--there are plenty of females in the business if you want that perspective. What they post shows you the daily ins and out and ups and downs of doing woodworking for
a business. I probably should not post specific accounts on here but there are plenty; I follow about ten of them.
2. If your interests are more towards construction type carpentry, like framing or finish carpentry or cabinetmaking, find a local small business and offer to be their apprentice.

Good luck!
PS lived in Albq for 11 years and been through Gallup a number of times; beautiful area.

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Liuv’s Answer

This goes for any career. The way of knowing if a certain career is for you is to try different things and if you can see yourself (visualize) doing that specific task day in and day out, year after year then you are in the right track.