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Hardware data analysis and yield improvement
Microprocessor development
Rochester, MN
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jesus M. Nov 19, 2019 164 views

what is a typical day like in your job as a welder ?

l have 16 years old and l want to be a welder , at the moment l an job corps student , hopefully l can get my career as a welder ready on 6 or 7 months , after that l want to go with my family to work on Pecos or Odessa on the pipelines and oil fields as a welder #job #career...

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Sarah H. Apr 06, 2020 246 views

What's the best route to becoming a marine biologist (or working in the marine science/research field) while living in a non-coastal state?

I am a Biology major and I am really interested in the marine science/research field. I applied for an internship for marine research in Cape Eleuthera and was unfortunately declined due to competitiveness. I'd really appreciate any advice anyone can give me that has experience in this field!...

#career #marine-biology #research #biology #science

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Coby G. Oct 28, 2020 93 views

What is is like being a computer engineer with a constantly changing environment?

I plan on pursuing a career in computer engineering....


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Adrianna M. Nov 05, 2020 92 views

Carpentry, How do you know its the right career.

I really love working with wood, I have really good woodworking skills. I am From A town Called Gallup, in New Mexico. My hobby's are really just designing things with wood. #career...