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Huntington’s Avatar
Huntington May 15 757 views

Have you experienced or witnessed discrimination in the STEM field?

We have a huge research project in our PBL class where we need to gather information on discrimination in STEM. If you or someone you know has faced discrimination in the STEM field please fill out this Google form. You can choose to stay anonymous.

Eldana’s Avatar
Eldana Apr 24 337 views

Is biomedical engineering a field that is worth going with?

I've been thinking about biomedical engineering, but it seems to be a broad topic. What exactly is it? Are there any good Jobs that go with biomedical engineering?

John’s Avatar
John Apr 22 518 views

How do you feel I could start up a career as an illustrator

How do you feel I could start up a career as an illustrator

Jamie’s Avatar
Jamie Apr 19 709 views

Have you witnessed or dealt with discrimination in STEM?

We have a huge research project in our class where we need to gather information about discrimination people have faced in STEM? Whether it was when you were a student or have a full- time carrer, have you faced discrimination?

Huntington’s Avatar
Huntington Apr 19 544 views

What kind of discrimination have you experienced or witnessed in the STEM field?

We have a huge research project in our class where we need to gather information about discrimination people have faced in STEM. Whether it was while you were still a student, or had a full-time career, have you witnessed or dealt with it?

Arianna’s Avatar
Arianna Apr 19 334 views

What discrimination have you dealt with well in the stem field?

Have you ever had to deal with discrimination because of your race or gender?

Abdullahi’s Avatar
Abdullahi Apr 17 363 views

I want to take 2 majors ( Aviation and IT Managment). How do I start and where do I find the resources?

I am a freshman and 15 years old. There is a enrollment for early college classes PSEO and we can only take 1 class though I dont know which major I should start on.

Sandrah’s Avatar
Sandrah Apr 17 711 views

How do I write a good resume for a job like being an IT engineer and Business, and how do I get to a comfortable level of IT and Sports ?

I wanted to ask if I could end up doing IT and Sports because I play basketball and I want to have a career in basketball but again in IT and business

Paymahn’s Avatar
Paymahn Apr 17 533 views

I'm interested in coding and computers but I have not been informed about what jobs include these attributes?

I want to learn more about what jobs would be good fits for me and my style of work. I would like to know more about what kinds of opportunities would be a good fit for me. A job that includes coding and computers would be a nice fit for my style of working but I don't know which exact jobs...

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Apr 17 446 views

Anyone Know any good coding sites?

What is a good site to learn more coding that is free? I am a high-school student that wants to pursue a major in the IT department. I want to get a head start on the coding process and I want to learn more coding languages because I have some experience in HTML but I think it would be fun to...

Jamie’s Avatar
Jamie Apr 17 453 views

What are some good starter jobs for IT?

I am really intersted in computer-science and I am confident I want some sort of job in IT someday. It would be really nice to have some sort of idea of what job I could/should start off with.

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Apr 17 265 views

Is having a BSN good for becoming a Med Student/Trauma surgeon? What is a good bachelors degree to have for those wanting to go into Medical School??

I am a High School Student that wants to become a surgeon and wanted to know if getting a BSN will count as a good degree for Med School

charity’s Avatar
charity Apr 17 407 views

What is a good paying job for a newly out of college person?

job to afford a home and car

Mahmoud’s Avatar
Mahmoud Mar 22 322 views

Dual Enrollment vs. AP courses?

Since beginning high school, I've believed enrolling in college courses would be more advantageous. However, I've started to wonder whether certain selective colleges might perceive them differently in the context of college applications. l've claimed 20 credits at my state university (UMN) and...

Mahmoud’s Avatar
Mahmoud Mar 22 420 views

College classes vs. AP classes?

Ever since I started high school, I always thought taking actual college classes made more sense. However, I’ve begun to wonder if specific selective colleges will look at them differently regarding college applications. I have taken 20 credits at my state university (UMN) and more at my local...

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