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is going to the marines good?

i like hands on stuff and it would be nice to serve my country #career

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5 answers

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Walt’s Answer

Hi Julius,

I am a six year Navy veteran and I worked in aviation for the Navy. I fixed electronics on aircraft. I worked with a lot of Marines during my service and they were great people. Here are some things to consider when you are picking a branch of the military to join (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard)

Do you want to go to sea? Navy, Marines and Coast Guard all spend time on ships. Some people in the Navy also spends time on Submarines. Air Force members hardly ever see a ship.

Do you want to fly either in the front seat or the backseat of an aircraft? All branches offer careers in aircraft as pilots, or maintenance technicians, or operators onboard aircraft of electronic equipment like mine hunting, weapons management, and many others. In the Navy and Marines, you have to specifically apply and be accepted into a career with aircraft. Otherwise you will be on ships or on the ground.

Do you want to be overseas in other countries? The Coast Guard stays mostly around the Americas. Every other service deploys to overseas bases.

Do you want to fight with a gun on the ground? Marines and Army are generally the closest to actual battle. Navy and Air Force people generally stay back away from the actual fight and participate remotely with big guns, drones, and missiles.

Again, the military is a great career. Be sure you talk to people in the service you want to join and be sure you join with a specific technical school guaranteed from your recruiter.

Hope this helps you decide.


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Tom’s Answer

Hi Jami. I'm a Navy vet and I'd likely add my vote for the military. But I suggest you do this right now. Start two lists. One for all the reasons you can think of to join and all the reasons you can think of not to. Even look up the topic on the Internet...I just checked and there are lots of helpful sites on this specific topic; should I join the military or not? Keep working over this list for a few days---you won't have all the pluses and minuses at first. When you can't think of any more than then try to put them in order...with the strongest plus and minus arguments first. Then compare the lists and usually an answer starts to become more clear. I've used this technique as I'm sure tons of others have as well. It works. Good luck!

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Ashley’s Answer

Hello Julius! Your interest in joining the marines is both honorable and smart. My father enlisted in the Air Force as a young man, and he wouldn't be who he is today without having served his country. It taught him skills he wouldn't ever have learned otherwise, discipline, resilience, and commitment - all life long skills. Start looking into it now, and go for it!

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Jami’s Answer

Yes! It is very good! There are many benefits to joining the marine corps. Talk to a recruiter and see what your options are as far as jobs in the marines and what your interests are.

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Evan’s Answer

Hi Jami, I was in the Marines for 20 years. There are some amazing opportunities and life experiences you can gain. Also they teach you how to be a manager and a leader. You can do anything from flying aircraft, to working at an embassy, special forces, computer IT, Finance.... world is your oyster.

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