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Cooper’s Avatar
Cooper Mar 02, 2022 554 views

What is the best engine for creating video games other than unity?

I used unity and the demand on my PC was too high. I now C# and Java as well as python so anything that uses those would be great. #game-design #video-games #technology #programming

Ben’s Avatar
Ben Mar 02, 2022 222 views

What college programs should I take to find what type of engineering I should be pursuing?

I have read about all the different types of engineering and have a hard time figuring out exactly which type of engineering I should follow. #Engineer

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Mar 02, 2022 405 views

What should I consider to choose whether to study computer science or software engineering?

I want to program and develop software, applications, websites, video games. I would like to work in a company already fixed but independently develop and create my own things. #computer #technology #computer-software #software-engineering #software #science

"George" Dec 15, 2021 555 views

What is the best software for indie game developer?

#software #video-games #video-game-design #software-engineering

Anastassia’s Avatar
Anastassia Sep 29, 2021 606 views

What is a skill you must have to succeed in Computer Science?

I don't know what I want to study yet and I want to broaden my knowledge about everything to get a better understanding of where I want to go. #college #computer-science

Evan’s Avatar
Evan Sep 28, 2021 255 views

Do web developers see themselves in the same job position in 10 years?

I want to know more about computers and jobs related to it. #computer-science

Owen’s Avatar
Owen Oct 01, 2021 623 views

What is the hardest part about your job?

#Job #career-counseling #career Just asking.Feel free to answer.

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Javin May 28, 2021 294 views

My career is Nfl and heres my goal statement

in the joy of the game by delivering the world's most exciting sports and entertainment experience. “ to unite communities and inspire them through exciting sports entertainment delivered through the game. #game-development

Nidhi’s Avatar
Nidhi Oct 17, 2016 941 views

Job proffession in IT field

I am intrested in C Language what will be best profession for me.I am thinking for web development and software development too.i am so confused in which i should move forward kindly help. #software #development #web

Tyia’s Avatar
Tyia Sep 28, 2017 647 views

Will I be able to find a position in Game Designing on the East Coast?

#game-development is the field I want to study but I'm not sure if I want to live on the West Coast where companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are located.

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Aug 20, 2021 362 views

What does A typical day as a Software Developer, Applications look like?

#technology #software #computer-software

Jimmie’s Avatar
Jimmie Aug 04, 2021 439 views

What software is used for making video games.

I'm 16 and I have an interest in computers and development of video games. #video-game-design #game-design #software #video-games

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer May 06, 2016 959 views

do you have to go to college to be a programmer for games?

i hate school. it's expensive too #software #engineering #gaming

vamshi’s Avatar
vamshi May 18, 2016 812 views

what is computer science?

interested in the field but do not exactly understand what it is. #college #computer-science #computer-software #engineering #science #software

Wenge’s Avatar
Wenge Jul 26, 2016 905 views

Am I qualified in game industry?

I just finished 2.1 in subject Computer Science (Game Tech) at NTU , but I always confuses that am I really qualified in game industry. Can I handle well with the jobs? Projects? Well three years in studying game tech is good for me, I gain lots knowledge, but their current workers must have...