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Grundy Center, Iowa
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I would like to be a Software developer for Microsoft. I would also like the option to be a robotic or software engineer at JPL.

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Cooper Mar 02 168 views

How do you run python code from your computer to a raspberry PI?

I would love to get into a little bit of robotics coding to build some really cool things! #computer #programming #technology #computer-science

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Cooper Mar 02 275 views

What is the best engine for creating video games other than unity?

I used unity and the demand on my PC was too high. I now C# and Java as well as python so anything that uses those would be great. #game-design #video-games #technology #programming

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Cooper Mar 02 151 views

What is the easiest way to get into the Computer Science Industry at a younger age?

I am 16 I love robotics and software and I would love to get some experience in before college? #technology #computer #programming #computer-science #computer-programming