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What are some career options in business

I am a sphomore in high school, I am in a business class and I'm interested in business #business

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2 answers

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Charlesst’s Answer

When you think about business careers, you usually want to pick from two types of business careers:

1) Industries - Each industry is different, and learning about the business norms and success factors in any industry can take a little while. As a result, businesspeople will often focus primarily on one industry or another for sections of their career. There is also a category of "professional services" which are businesses which provide services to other businesses.

2) Functions - Within each company, multiple functions must be in place for the company to operate successfully. Because each function has its own peculiarities and required training, businesspeople will often specialize in a certain function, or perhaps two functions. Sometimes professional services firms overlap a little bit with these functions.

Here are some examples of industries you could consider:

  • Automotive

  • Airlines

  • Industrial manufacturing

  • Shipping

  • Retail

  • Food and hospitality

  • IT

  • Oil & gas

  • Real estate

  • Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology

  • Fashion and apparel

  • Finance and insurance

  • Professional services: Banking

  • Professional services: Accounting

  • Professional services: Consulting

  • Professional services: Banking

Here are some examples of common business functions:

  • Marketing

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Operations

  • Logistics

  • Production / manufacturing

  • Engineering

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Samantha’s Answer


You should do some research on the different business functions. You have a ton of options in each area of focus. For instance, if you focus on accounting, you could work in the healthcare, restaurant, non-profit, marketing industry... really anything! Same goes for basically every other business function.

I like this page, it gives a quick overview of each business function:

Think about what other subjects you like, as this can help inform which business function could best suit you! Do you like math class? (maybe look into finance or accounting), are very organized and always able to stay on top of your homework? (look into operations), or very creative and like to dream up new ideas in art class? (think about marketing). Those are just a few examples.