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What kinds of summer jobs should I be looking for?

I am working on getting a job for this summer and I have been applying to every single place I can think of. The problem i have right now is that I just finished my freshman year of college and the place I worked in high school recently shut down. No business wants to hire and train someone to work for them for three months before they have to go back to school, so I am at a bit of a loss. Does anyone have any ideas for what I should be looking for in terms of getting a job for this summer? college college-jobs

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3 answers

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Caitlin L. I see that you posted this question a little while ago so I hope my answer to you (or others who may read this response) is still helpful.

I think the answers provided for this question are awesome! In addition, I suggest that you consider a summer job that is somewhat related to what you are studying in college. Sometimes these types of jobs are advertised on campus, near classrooms and/or by professors or teaching assistants. Often times, these types of jobs can turn into recurring summer opportunities. When that happens, a student could be in the position of knowing and growing in that job, maybe even lining up a permanent job when they are done with college. Also, the employer could be in a position where they don't have to retrain a new employee but instead can grow with a student that has done the job that the employer needs and, over time, can do it with less supervision.

Hope you find this answer helpful and best of luck to you!
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Judith’s Answer

Either look into jobs that are summer based or jobs that need more help for the summer months- summer camps, pools, parks, summer programs, ect.
Next year also try looking for a job before school ends by beginning to connect with people in your home neighborhood in advance before everyone is out and begins to take everything available. Best results in your search!

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Simeon’s Answer

I would recommend looking into working at a summer camp. They employ people just like you every summer who are just needing workers for a few months. You can make a lot of new friends and memories as well as get certified for lifeguarding and ropes course work. You can use your lifeguard certifications outside of the summer too if you need to find extra part-time work.