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what can i do to become a counselor ?

i would love to become a counselor to help other children who are in need of help and guidance. #counselor

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3 answers

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naveen’s Answer

It could take from four to six years to become a teacher depending on where you complete your Education degree. The following steps will give you a clear picture to proceed further,
1. Earn a bachelor's degree in elementary education.
2. Complete an internship in an elementary school classroom.
3. Take your state's licensing exams for elementary teachers.
4. Apply for a license through your state board of education.
5. Once you have received your license, begin applying for open positions.

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Amy’s Answer

First off, I applaud you for wanting to help children. That's fantastic and will be satisfying work. I would google the top 10 best child/family counselor schools and then see what each one of the requires. To be a counselor takes a certain degree and license. Call the schools and ask to speak to an admissions counselor to answer your questions, too. They will be quite helpful in narrowing down your focus.

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James’s Answer

You should look into the field of social work. That field provides you the opportunity to help children in need and advocate for them. One down side about this field is that it is very competitive so to stand out, you will eventually need a masters degree.