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how to become a counselor?

i would like to become a counselor so i can help those children see the hope there is to see. #children #counselor

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2 answers

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Juliana’s Answer

Hi Rokaria!

I am currently a college student going for a bachelor’s degree in Elementary/Special Education but am looking to become a school counselor in the future! There are a few different ways you can become a school counselor but in total you must have a bachelor’s and master’s degree from college. For your bachelor’s degree though, you have a few options. Some of these are getting a degree in education, psychology, sociology, and etc. I would definitely do some more research into what would suit you best and I’m sure there are even more options available. I hope this helps!!

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Linett Carolina’s Answer

In order to be a practicing counselor in your area you will need to become a licensed counselor. In most states this requires a Master’s degree in counseling. When considering this career it is wise to have a group you wish to work with in mind. For some working with children and teens is a specialization that has particular appeal. Children are the group you will see the most rapid change in and can have the greatest impact on. I hope this help.
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