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Am planning for a master's degree in anatomy I want to get an advice on the best field

Am a nigerian student
Studying Human anatomy..

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Thomas’s Answer

"A degree in Anatomy and Physiology can provide the foundation for a wide range of healthcare careers, from physical therapy and massage, to nursing or pediatrics. Healthcare jobs with a degree in anatomy and physiology can be found to fit a broad range of professional and personal strengths, whether you’re drawn to the technical focus of laboratory research or the interpersonal contact of therapeutic services. Jobs in healthcare are in high demand, command great salaries, and bring the personal satisfaction of improving patients’ well-being in a meaningful way. If you’re curious about the mysteries of the human body and interested in helping people through better health, you’ll want to know more about degrees in anatomy and physiology. Read on to learn about degree programs, classes, and careers in anatomy and physiology."


Thank you Mr Thomas Chinonso E.