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Want to know what are the top colleges for MBBS?

Hello I'm Mithun a 10th grader from a school in Bangalore. I'm interested in perusing MBBS, want to know the best/top colleges for this course in India and in Bangalore.
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4 answers

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Hariprasad’s Answer

Primarily in Bangalore if you are a local resident and are eligible for state quota.

try for these colleges:

1)Bangalore medical college (Govt)
2)M S Ramiah institute of medical sciences
3)Kempegowda Institute of medical sciences
4)St johns
5) Mysore medical college
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Rajeev’s Answer

Mithun good to see that you are thinking ahead in Grade 10. I am assuming you are liking Biology and will be ready to work hard towards pursuing MBBS. Per my knowledge the Bangalore Medical College (BMC) is the best medical college in Bangalore, however there are many other good ones like Vydehi, Rajarajeshwari, St. John's which are also considered good. AIIMS Delhi is the best medical college in India and gives very good education. Hope this helps.

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Lovekesh’s Answer

You can find the list of top medical colleges in India here:

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Vijay’s Answer

AIIMS New Delhi