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What kind of jobs could a recent criminology bachelor's graduate get?

I am in my last year of college and I've been looking at jobs for criminology but they aren't many. I don't want to do policing, I want to do something else in the criminology field other than being a cop or detective. #career

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2 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Denieka,

Here are some ideas. But, I'm in Texas, which may be a lot different than New York.

1. Police analyst: Work for a police department analyzing crime patterns and trends. If you liked statistics, this might interest you.
2. Crime victim's advocate: helping crime victims through the bureaucratic maze, including getting their medical expenses covered, working with the district attorney's office, etc. This often times requires experience.
3. Parole/probation officer
4. just about anything in social services/government programs type of jobs: the two degrees are closely related.
5. Social justice organizations: If you want to work trying to change laws, or help hold law enforcement accountable, look into these various agencies. If they are nonprofits, you can research them on a site called Guidestar, so you get an idea of how financially solvent they are.
6. Join the military
7. emergency services dispatcher
8. Banking/insurance: big fraud detection divisions in both! Even if you have to start as a teller or in a call center, it might be okay, depending on pay, etc.

The key here is to get your foot in the door with an organization or agency. After a couple years, you can change companies or move up within the same one. You will learn to write a good resume which explains how the skills you acquire in your first job relate to the position for which you are applying. The important thing at this point is that you are about to have the degree! Congratulations! It hasn't been an easy year! After you graduate, you will learn that having a degree, in anything, opens doors, and the major isn't as important as you've been led to believe!

Best of luck!

Thank you, I found this extremely helpful. Denieka P.

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Debra’s Answer

I feel like today Criminology could lead to social work?, Counseling careers, law enforcement, probation or parole, or security positions? You don't necessarily have to get a job in your major, it's more who you know, and networking, than what you know these days. Good luck!

Thank you Debra Denieka P.