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Is the money worth traveling all the time for geopiering?

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2 answers

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Mason,

I have experience with doing a lot of traveling for work, and can share my experience and some anecdotal experience from colleagues and friends. You may love it! It depends on your passions and what other values you have for the future. In my experience, if you don't love your career and are doing it primarily for the money, it may lead to resent and regret that you are away from home. If you are passionate about travel and your job, then you may find this very fulfilling.

What I've seen happen is...
(1) Someone selects a high-travel career for the money
(2) They learn that either they love the travel and find it rewarding going to fun and different places, OR they learn that the travel is exhausting and they want to be home with their families & friends more. Over time, they can...
(3) They adopt a long-term lifestyle with high travel, but this may mean a lot of time away from their family and friends, OR
(4) They try to find local options where they can apply their experience, but these may be limited.

Generally, it seems like when people have families, they may not want to travel as often.

If you are considering other careers, what are the pros & cons of each? How does geopiering rank?

I've suggested a couple of next steps below, and know that you'll make the right choice for you!

All the best to you,

Nicole recommends the following next steps:

Self reflection on your passion for travel: Is this something that excites you? Would it excite you, if you did it frequently for the long term?
Self reflection on your passion for geopiering: Is this something that excites you?
Think about other careers that you would like, in addition to geopiering. What are the pros & cons of each? Salary is only one factor...
Consider your long term plan: How does travel/geopiering/other career goals fit in with your family & friends & personal goals?
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Jacob’s Answer

Hi Mason,

I would first ask yourself if travelling for work is something you would enjoy doing regularly. For some, travelling would be an exciting and enjoyable benefit of work. For others, it could be disruptive to day-to-day life and exhausting. Once you have a good understanding of your own personal appetite for travel, I think you can make a more informed decision regarding compensation for an occupation that requires frequent travel. Personally, if I were considering an occupation that required frequent travel, I would also like to have a good understanding of where I would be required to visit, and I would also use that information to factor whether or not the compensation is worth the travel.

Hope that helps!