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i have amde a choice of career for myself. I want t o be sure that it is the right choice. Can you send me some test to check the compatibility of my choice with my personality

I am in grade 12 and mostly get B.
I have chosen to do flying schools and Aviation management. I am not interested in Math and Science programs in future.
I made this choice of my career after discussing with my parents and sibling. I would like a professional guidance to be sure that this will be a good choice for me.
Thank you #career

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3 answers

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Evan’s Answer

Definitely agree that your school counselor is a great resource. Would ask you what you enjoy doing and why you have selected the profession you did. Those will likely play a big factor in the 'right job'. With that said, you'll have to get extra schooling beyond high school, and I think a lot of times people find out in college or any kind of advanced learning, that the job you are pursuing is the right or wrong job. Best advice I can give outside of the advice already given....go to college, and don't be afraid to change your major if you hate what you are doing. Many times the first two years of college are basic classes, so you may not be able to fully understand without getting some sort of on the job experience, internship, etc. under your wings :)

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Bonnie’s Answer

Hi Shalini and everyone -

I agree with Anjali's answer that a career counselor is someone helpful and a good person to talk to. There's a great book out there to help identify career interests and that is "What Color is Your Parachute?". You can find some online information about their quiz at https://eparachute.com/

Hope this helps - good luck on your journey! #career

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Anjali’s Answer

Hi Shalini,

If you are able to go and talk to a career counselor, that might be helpful for you.

Here are some links to a career inventories where it can match your interests with potential career opportunities:

Also, here are some links where it can match your personality traits with potential career opportunites:

Hope these help!