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Sam Aug 18 160 views

What are some actionable goals a junior PM/PO might have?

I recently got extended for a junior PM/PO based role. My manager asked my what types of goals I have in mind that they can help me achieve during my time in this position. The thing is I have reasons why I want to be a junior PM/PO but I don't really have specific goals in mind. I just want to...

Walt’s Avatar
Walt Aug 14 65 views

How can I keep my grades up?

11th grade is around the corner and it’s the hardest grade at my school. I need to keep my grades up before graduation.

Stacy’s Avatar
Stacy Jun 04 135 views

How difficult was it to actually succeed in your career path and how did you find the motivation to push yourself?

Additionally, how much money did you spend to pursue your career path such as for schooling and extra training? Would you consider yourself a successful person? Why or why not? Overall, if you could would you have wanted to go back and pick another career path? Why or why not? Lastly, are you...

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kevin May 08 174 views

when i start becoming a business man how would it feel and how did yall feel ?

Kevin age 19

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Yasmine Mar 06 193 views

How do I start taking my studies more seriously ?

. It takes me all night to study and I'm easily distracted. I want to finish my homework and do my studies in the same night, but I always end up doing just one of those things that night.

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Lucas Jan 24 208 views

Do you limit yourself, if so why?

In what ways do you discipline yourself to get the best results out of work?

Mridul Sangeet’s Avatar
Mridul Sangeet Dec 06, 2022 339 views

What are the job opportunities after completing my course of business management?

I'm a newcomer to Canada as a student looking for jobs and gaining practical knowledge regarding my fields and gaining experience. What's the best way to enhance my pace on it?

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Oct 31, 2022 433 views

How much education do you need to be a CEO of a major company?

Or does it just go off of who you know and your connections?

Raven’s Avatar
Raven Oct 10, 2022 301 views

What are the ups and down of owning a business?

I was wondering because I want most of my degrees and skills to overlap in some way. I want a degree in business management so it would be nice to know what all is in the process of owning a business.

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Michelle Sep 02, 2022 459 views

Letters of Recommendation

I have just started my grad school application for Genetic Counseling but am not very confident regarding the 3 letters of recommendation I need to gather. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and my own social anxiety, I have had a hard time making any connections with professors. Classes have around...

cheyenne’s Avatar
cheyenne May 10, 2022 327 views

If my strengths are powerful personality and my hobbies are chilling with friends,what type of carrer or industries might best fit me?

I need to know how hard of a mentality i have to have because dealing with people in that work force how strong u have to be for it and is it okay to have a weakness

Rondell’s Avatar
Rondell May 03, 2022 353 views

How do I stay focus in terms of carrying my student athlete career?

I'm A senior in high school who's on honor roll and multiple different basketball teams.

Will’s Avatar
Will May 13, 2022 293 views

What can I do to prepare now?

Im studying to be a business intelligence analysist.

breanna’s Avatar
breanna May 06, 2022 249 views

How do you start entrepreneurship?

I want to learn more in creating and starting my own business.

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley May 06, 2022 814 views

Can I have tattoos going into athletic trainer?

I am getting a tattoo in memory of my grandma. And i just need to know if it can be visible or if it needs to be hidden.