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Going back to work

Hi! My name is Kelley and I would like to go back to work soon, and I am in need of job training.

I usually work as a General Office Clerk, but my current job skills are weak especially in Customer Service and I have always had major anxieties working with people.
I prefer doing short projects in computers or filing.

So, is there any job training programs or maybe staffing agencies for people like me? I also have responsibilities at home where home jobs might be a better fit for me right now.

thank you,

Kelley Martinez

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Update-thank you Christine and Atul for your answers! okay, so I want to add a little more information about myself to clarify things. 1. I am actually not a student, I am over 50 (which is why my question is titled 'going back to work'), but I cannot find any chat sites to post questions for women my age and work/education experience. But this site does seem helpful 2. Christine has mentioned library, and that was my very first job as a teenager and I enjoyed it very much. I also worked at a pop up book store later on which I also enjoyed because I met many teachers that were shopping books for their students at a discount price. It was my way of helping people. I really hope this all helps about me. Thanks Kelley M.

part 2 I am currently looking for data entry/computer work and my favorite computer job so far was processing applications for a life insurance company. I also scanned checks into a computer system for a car dealership. I loved that one, however car dealerships are really too fast paced for me. I also loved working at conventions and my favorite was for this Aloe product company, forgot the name, but it was simple and fun. Kelley M.

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3 answers

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Kelley,

One option would be to use a staffing agency for contract-based positions that are likely to convert into full-time roles. This way, you are likely to find more project-based positions as you described, and also you can try out the company and role before you sign on full-time. That way, if it's not a good fit / is too people-heavy then you could withdraw without as much trouble.

A quick google search for staffing agencies near Las Vegas, or whereever is your current location, should show you companies that you could reach out to, for employment. Some nationwide agencies that I'm aware of are Randstad, Robert Half, and Adecco.

I wouldn't worry about doing additional training before applying to jobs, since it seems like you have a broad range of interests, and many jobs provide on-the-job training.

Feel free to ask follow up questions or let me know if you need input on your resume.

All the best,

Hi Nicole, thank you for answering my question. okay, so yes I have worked at quite a few staffing agencies off and on for the past 20 years. And my experiences were both good and bad. Underpaid, being removed from assignments with no other new assignment lined up (yes that actually happened) and worst, being treated differently in a negative way from employees. Kelley M.

(part 2 for nicole) this is with the small and larger staffing agencies that I have experienced. So, I don't know what else to try now Kelley M.

Hi Kelley, sorry to hear about your negative experiences, in that case I would recommend trying to find a good fit based on some company job descriptions and how they match with your interests. All the best :) Nicole Pinckney

Hi nicole, okay, so, not sure what you mean. Good fit meaning temp agencies or regular jobs? I think I did find an agency that has more options than the others. Don't know, but I will keep trying! thank you, Kelley Kelley M.

Honestly, I think either one or both. If you are concerned about being treated differently, as you mentioned, maybe a permanent role would be a better fit! And you can try a different agency if that doesn’t work out on your timeline! Nicole Pinckney

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Christine’s Answer

Hi Kelley
I am not sure you need training.
You should read the job descriptions carefully and select positions with less public contact etc If you want to get more comfortable dealing with people try volunteering . A short time will enable you to improve your communication skills.
If you are worried about your computer skills , there are training opportunities many tuition fee. You can go orr contact your Unemployment Office, Women's Center, Library, or Community College for posible short term courses.
Good Luck

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Atul’s Answer

I would recommend visiting a counselor at Community College to get a 2-year Associate Degree.
In what subject/major is tough to know since you have not shared these details.
You also have to do some homework to find out what you enjoy, i.e. Math, Science, Art, etc.
If you like speaking to people, consider a marketing degree.
If you like numbers, try the accounting field.
If you good at Math and Analytical skills, consider Computer Engineering/Science.
Sometimes answers to the questions you pose are within you and someone has to point them out to you.
Be brave and believe in yourself and seek advice from others but make your own decision.