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how to learn computer engineering

I want to learn computer engineering because I want to become rich #education #student

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3 answers

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Acquire a four year certification in a significant field. ...

Seek after a postgraduate education in PC designing. ...

Gain insight and abilities in important territories. ...

Become an authorized Professional Engineer (PE) ...

Get applicable affirmations to exhibit your abilities.

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Priyanka’s Answer

Hi Harsh,

I really appeciate your truthfulness.
Good to know you want to become rich but what really make you real rich is your passion. If you choose a field which excite you that will give you money as well as you will be happy doing it and every day when you are working you will be happy working and you will do wonder in your field on the other hand if you choose a field just to get money you will go to work and come back thinking about is this the one I wanted in my life?

so I suggest you find out what interest you and think what you want happiness and money or just money

Just to give you insight if you are above average computer engineer
At 28 year age you might get 1.5L - 2.5L Approx. (INR) per month salary

All the best Harsh!!

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Kevin’s Answer

I would suggest that you study courses that are interesting, exciting, and challenging to you. Becoming a successful computer engineer requires a passion for the field and not simply a desire to become wealthy.

thanks man for the help Harsh B.