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what should be my first job

I've been thinking and i want to get a job but I dont know which one #help

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5 answers

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Derrick’s Answer

Hey Austin, I am really glad to hear this and trust me I truly understand what you mean because there are lots of jobs out there and it can be a bit overwhelming when you have to choose just one. My biggest recommendation to you, depending on how old you are, would first be to really put some thought behind why you are getting a job. Different people have different reasons but if you are getting a job just for the money, I would really recommend waiting it out and first getting involved in extracurricular activities. Find things that you love to do and do them often, for me, when I was younger, it was volunteering, music, technology, and sports and eventually, after going to University, I was able to find a workplace that allows me to continue exercising all of my passions.

Derrick recommends the following next steps:

Find your passion and ask and look around your community for opportunities to volunteer in that field
Develop and learn as much as possible about your passion.
Go to University where you will be given the best tools to use and further grow your passion.
Find a job that aligns with what you love to do for free. Again for me it was volunteering, music, technology, and sports.
Apply for the job

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Sarah’s Answer

Hey Austin!

Getting my first job in high school was such a freeing thing for me. It allowed me to open my first checking account and earn some money of my own to be able to spend on gas and activities. There are several different options for first jobs: retail, fast food, kitchen help, babysitting, lawn work. I would consider what job will give you the most flexible schedule for your needs. For example, you need a job that you can do while not missing out on time for homework, extracurriculars, and friends/family.

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John Michael’s Answer

That's great that you want to get a job! Having real working experience is a great thing no matter what your job might be. If I were you, I would look and compare between your options in benefits and level of enjoyment you would have working there. To be honest, I didn't really enjoy my first job, but they paid decently and having my own money in my pocket was great. Best of luck!

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Brock’s Answer

The answer is whatever you can get! Be it fast food, or delivery, or cleaning. When you hit the job market its important to know that if something doesn't sound super fun or glorious that's ok! My first job was the mall food court and I still use things I learned there in my life every day. Food safety, cooking, cleaning skills, people skills.

My best advice to you is learn resume building now and keep up on it. Being able to (even if you don't have professional experience) you can impress the heck out someone showing up with a cover letter that briefly covers why your their best choice. Asking those in your life (not family) to write letters of recommendation also really help out.

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crystal’s Answer

Hi Austin!

Fast food restaurants are really good starter jobs. My first job ever was as a freshmen in HS working after school at Taco Bell. It taught be about being reliable and I gained gained customer skills. Many of friends worked there too, so most of the time it did not feel like work. My sister also did baby sitting as her first job, which is especially nice if you like children.