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Sarah Martin

Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Marietta, Georgia
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Monse Mar 03, 2022 410 views

How can I know if the career I want is what I need?


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Corina Oct 25, 2021 465 views

How can I quit a job with an intimidating supervisor?

I'm currently working at a tutoring program in my school and one of my supervisors intimidates me at times due to their overbearing attitude towards simple requests or clarifying questions week to week. Now that I'm thinking of quitting, how can I best phrase my two weeks notice? Do I have to...

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Shakierah Oct 27, 2021 386 views

Where do I find part time jobs for the festive season

I'm hardworking and dedicated to do my best in every task. I'm Honest, friendly and very talkative #job-search

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Austin Jan 22, 2021 500 views

what should be my first job

I've been thinking and i want to get a job but I dont know which one #help

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markus Aug 05, 2019 850 views

Do you like your job? And why?

I am a student at job corps and I'm wanting to become a welder #work-life-balance #career #career-path #job