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Do you like your job? And why?

Updated El Paso, Texas

I am a student at job corps and I'm wanting to become a welder #work-life-balance #career #career-path #job

2 answers

Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Markus,

I like my job as a tax advisor very much. I like it for 3 reasons. First, it is rewarding. I feel like I am always helping my clients to achieve their goals and do things efficiently. That is a wonderful feeling. Second, it is challenging. I learn new things every day and as tax legislation changes, I know I will be learning more. Third, but probably most important of all, I work with very smart and motivated people who help me do my best and grow.

I think the best part of any job is the team you work with and how you can build a good and productive atmosphere to achieve goals. Even when a task may seem boring or when very complex questions arise, working with a good team will always bring good results.

Bryant’s Answer

Updated Orlando, Florida

Yes, helping out future leaders such as you and others to be prepared from Higher Education, Vocational and etc to have a game plan. In life, time goes by quick and not having a career plan can hurt since the type of careers can not be open while working on it now helps down to a better future.