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Anica Apr 24, 2021 440 views

how to be a kpop

#im fron philipphines

jennel’s Avatar
jennel Apr 23, 2021 1817 views

What are some jobs in Business that does not involve math

#business-management # hatemath #love business #furtue #career #career-choice

tyler’s Avatar
tyler Apr 22, 2021 899 views

how much does a car mechanic get payed

#automotive #cars

Brisia’s Avatar
Brisia Apr 22, 2021 377 views

What are good classes/training I could do if I wanted to go into a culinary schools?

I am hoping to take certain classes throughout high school /collage #high-school-classes

elyssa’s Avatar
elyssa Apr 22, 2021 626 views

would being a exotic vet be gross, i love animals but not sure if i can handle it?

#animal-health #veterinarian #veterinary i am 12 and really had my heart set on being a vet but i have other things i want to do now. ive planned everything out even colleges to be a vet.

hannah’s Avatar
hannah Jan 22, 2021 443 views

How do you get in your dream college

I want to get into my dream school but how do I keep my grades up #professional

Scott’s Avatar
Scott Jan 23, 2021 447 views

Looking for a full time job with part of a college degree

#job-search #jobs #full-time
Where are some places that I can apply to that are hiring full time positions for at least $15 an hour? I have my high school diploma and part of a physics BS and psychology minor. I'm interested in working with people whether they be customers or co-workers.

Lok Yin’s Avatar
Lok Yin Jan 23, 2021 676 views

How to figure out my career patheay?

I am a university student studying in Hong Kong. My major is urban studies, which is about issues in urban design. However, I have poor performance in academics and low GPA. For my working experience, I have worked as part time assistant in heritage organisation, property management intern ,...

Wanga’s Avatar
Wanga Jan 22, 2021 341 views

How do one become an ambassador

I'm extrovert person
#residence_life_Friendly, good in communication, like to be challenged.
Computer skills

Amirah’s Avatar
Amirah Jan 22, 2021 807 views

Where can I learn more about fashion marketing?

I would like to major in fashion and would like more information and the privilege to learn more #fashion #help #internships #apparel-and-fashion

Elyse’s Avatar
Elyse Jan 21, 2021 557 views

What classes should I take in high school?

I want to be a veterinarian. What classes should I take in high school and/or college?

This is for a high school project. Thank you for your time. #high-school-classes

Brittain’s Avatar
Brittain Jan 21, 2021 373 views

How would I go about starting an Explorers Post with my local Law Enforcement Agency? What should I propose to them when meeting with them?

I am attepting to establish an Explorers Post with my local Law Enforcement Agency in Pennsylvania.

#explorers #explorerspost #policeexplorers #publicsafety #police

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Aug 24, 2020 575 views

Have you done doctors without boarders if so what was your experience?

#medicine #medical #doctor #doctors #high-school #sat #advice #medical-field

Vanisha’s Avatar
Vanisha Aug 21, 2020 416 views

How does the school assist students who do not pass the National Board Examinations?

#passing #failing

DeAndrea’s Avatar
DeAndrea Sep 04, 2020 560 views

What would a day as a doctor be like?

#doctor #career