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Taylor O. Jul 17, 2019 121 views

How do people advance in the field?

Hi I'm a student in Job Corps training for Culinary. I want to open my own coffee shop one day....


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Jared H. Jul 22, 2019 148 views

How long till you have to re-new your certification?

My name is jared hernandez and i am intested in auto mechanic's ....


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doris E. Jul 22, 2019 125 views
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Kenia M. Jul 23, 2019 183 views

How long does it take to complete Office Administration?

I'm going for Office Administration and I want to know how long does it take to complete Office Administration....


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Daniel H. Jul 24, 2019 265 views

How Far will I be traveling?

Does it Depend on the state? #trucks...


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brandon F. Jul 26, 2019 164 views

Im trying to find out more about the auto motive industry

I am currently in job corps and I am joining the auto motive trade I have some experience but i just want to know what it takes to make a career....


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Hunter H. Jul 28, 2019 175 views

I don't know what it is exactly I want to do with my future

I am a avid skier looking to take my talents professionally in freestyle. For the longest time I wanted to be a nurse but starting to realize that isn't for me. I want to design skis and have thought about running my own business but have no idea on how to get there. I dont want to have to work...


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Sebastian C. Jul 31, 2019 217 views

What can i do to be successful in life?

Im a soccer player i know how to do a little bit of construction and im a workfull person...


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Tiara D. Aug 02, 2019 144 views

What does it take to have a dance company?

Im looking to major in dance. #dance...


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Ashleyn Z. Aug 05, 2019 221 views

What do you like and dislike about the job?

I am a student at job crops, getting my training for Protective Services. I'm interested in joining the boarder patrol or the FBI, and would like to get some information from people who have experience with it. Zamora.Ashleyn@live.jobcorps.org #career #government...


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markus H. Aug 05, 2019 328 views