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would being a exotic vet be gross, i love animals but not sure if i can handle it?

animal-health veterinarian veterinary i am 12 and really had my heart set on being a vet but i have other things i want to do now. ive planned everything out even colleges to be a vet.

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2 answers

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Rodrigo’s Answer

Hi elyssa C.

I you dream it , you can! try to have aproach to a profesional in this area, and tell them you want to share a day with them, the you can live a day in that career, I think animals are great and you can really be happy and have such many good experieinces working with them.
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Bryant’s Answer

The best way is to interview a professional in the field as they can give more hands approach to this career path. Look at the colleges that you are interested in as they may have students, alumni, professors, and more that can give more information. This is great that you know of what you want to be as it is helpful