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What are some jobs in Business that does not involve math

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7 answers

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Aaron’s Answer

I'll tell you, I HATED math too. Ever since 6th grade. What do I do now? I'm the COO software dev consulting business. I make budgets and plan. I understand the accounting practices behind it. I would with machine learning and sophisticated data structures. All of which are "math" based. What changed? I realized I didn't hate math. I hated my teachers. The way they taught it was incompatible with me. I thought I was dumb and it never seemed to stick.

I would suggest trying a different approach to math. If you are anything like me you see math as a skill without a purpose. You don't need to know when a train is arriving a London, you don't need to plot a line on a chart, or solve what "Y" is. What you need is to see a PURPOSE for the math. How it fits into what you want to do. PLEASE don't let your hatred of math (or anything) steer your career.

Think about what you want to do and don't consider the math. Then look at how math is applied in that field. Math with a purpose, a goal, that matters to you is A LOT easier to understand. Making a budget isn't anything to be afraid of. Figuring out things like cash flow is really not that hard.

Please please please don't let hate (or I suspect fear) drive anything in your life. Learn how to accommodate it and overcome it. Don't avoid it, beacuse the truth is that you can't.
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Jerry’s Answer

While "doing business" itself inevitably involves some kind of basic math, there are likely positions within businesses that do not require as much math and analysis. These typically might include jobs that where your value is primarily in building connections and maintaining relationships.

For example, some successful salespeople might not have the greatest skills, and though math is useful to calculate anything from discounts to commissions, as long as you have a sales back office support team that can do that math for you. Similarly, human resource professionals, executive assistants, event planning, and even some operational line roles (e.g., manual laborers, caretakers, etc.) do not need as much math, but there may still be small aspects of their job that require it.

However, in the grand scheme of things, I would recommend you get comfortable with math - not only is it quite interesting, but all jobs are trending towards developing a more data driven and scientific basis, which implies knowing some principles of math, such as logic. Even former more qualitative positions like marketing is becoming increasingly quantitative. Being comfortable with math is also a way you can up-level your career to grow into more senior positions, to allow you to leverage your talents, for your decisions to increase in quality as well as be seen as more rigorous, and for your arguments to be more persuasive.

Jerry recommends the following next steps:

If you're having trouble with math, check out Khan Academy video explanations on various math topics.
Play lots of board games (e.g., Sushi Go, High Society, Cribbage, Kingdoms, Stockpile, It's a Wonderful World, Power Grid, Agricola), particularly more strategic ones. Usually they involve some math while making it a fun experience. Here is a thread for more information: You can also look up games on for reference.
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Rebecca’s Answer

It is quite difficult to have a job in Business without maths. It is to run the business to make profit. The primary principle is to minimize the cost to spend and maximize the profit. It all involves maths but depends on complexity.
In majority jobs in business, e.g. accounting , administration, human resources, etc. , it would be arithmetics, i.e. add, minus, multiply and divide. It would not require complex maths skills. However, it requires more advanced maths skills in Finance, Front Office Trading, etc.
Is there any reason you do not want to have maths? Though it may not your strength or you may not interest on it, fundamental maths skills is essential to us even in our daily life.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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Jessica’s Answer

Hey Jennel,

Some business fields with least Math requirements are:
- Marketing, including online marketing using social media;
- Business Development related jobs which might include at most some budgeting though it is very basic compared to Finance and Banking jobs;
- Sales jobs;
- Event Planner;
- Administration related jobs; etc.

The above-listed jobs include minor/basic math skills requirements, especially compared to other business related jobs.

Hope this helps
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Bryant’s Answer

The real answer is that Math even in basic forms are used in Business, if it is simple math look at Human Resources or Marketing
Math is data-driven which a lot of companies look for in a candidate as well as soft skills
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Rodrigo’s Answer

Hi jennel J.

I have to say that almost all business careers involves math, ones more that the other, but at first maybe this will be a step to look into very careful but with experience you can feel more confident about this.
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Hanouff’s Answer

You could try to pursue a career in Marketing, HR, L&D or an admin job.