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Weitao Mar 01 645 views

Is majoring in Computer Science worth it?

I'm a junior and I can't decide on a major for college.

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Skyler Mar 01 564 views

How do you keep a business running strong ?

step by step

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Daniela Mar 01 711 views

Would it be better to start a business before or after college?

I want to start my own business but I'm not sure if I should wait until after college or start before. If I start before, how should I start?

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Santonio Feb 27 197 views

How can I become a funnier Police Officer on the job when I pull over a citizen for running a red light?

I am in the 8th Grade trying to bring positivity when I pull someone over for running a red light.

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Haillie Jan 24 850 views

How do you know when you pick a career, that it's the right one for you ?

How do you know when you pick a career, that it's the right one for you?

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Daniela Mar 01 590 views

Is a business major needed for entrepreneurship ?

I have heard that you don't need a business major to get into entrepreneurship. Some people say that the best way is to just start and learn form experience. Should I just pick another major or stick with a business major? If I do pick another one, which one would help me the most?

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abraham Feb 29 572 views

How can I be more confident to be more prepared to become a business man.

I am a 8th grader who values business but in order to do that I need to become more confident.

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Brayden Apr 28, 2022 970 views

What is the best coding language to learn as a computer programmer?

If you have to learn multiple different types of coding languages, what would be the best one to learn that would help you to learn other languages a lot easier.

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Oct 05, 2021 516 views

Are there any good tools to help me create games at home? I see coding more as a hobby so I wonder what the best option for that is.

#video-games #hobby #programming #computers #coding

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jennel Apr 23, 2021 1505 views

What are some jobs in Business that does not involve math

#business-management # hatemath #love business #furtue #career #career-choice

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Ashley Jan 24, 2018 954 views

What is the best way to learn more about editing photos in Photoshop?

I love taking photos and I own a DSLR camera. I want to learn more editing techniques, especially on Adobe Photoshop. I am looking to own the program, but it looks like it is a yearly fee now. I am wondering if there is a way that I can just own the product totally, and what tools I can use to...

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Joshua Jan 16, 2018 841 views

How to find success within Business field?

How does one get good connections during or after college in order to rise quickly, specifically in management fields?
#business #management

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Jennifer Apr 07, 2014 2417 views

How does a day look like for a computer programmer? Is it fun ?

Hi, Im a Junior in high school and I'm considering becoming a computer engineer. My dad is currently a computer programer, but he never goes into details of what he does with the computer. I would like to know how would it look like a regular day at work and how fun is it. #computer...

Harrison’s Avatar
Harrison Mar 17, 2014 1551 views

What is a good first programming language?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I recently took a short computer science course. I have learned some basic Html and I want to know how I can start to learn more about coding. Is there any websites you recommend? Any languages I should look into? #computer #computer-science-phd