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How to find success within Business field?

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How does one get good connections during or after college in order to rise quickly, specifically in management fields?
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Aaron’s Answer

Updated Northborough, Massachusetts
Get out and start doing it. Whatever field you are in. Just start doing it. GOOD people, the kind of people you want to connect to, will notice. I don't know what field you are looking to manage, but it doesn't matter. Go out and just get it done. If you work at Wendy's make the best darn fries and stay late to close up. If you are in a huge company, find out who is doing what and help out. Step up and offer solutions to individuals, suggest things to your team or managers. Talk to them about things you don't understand, but want to help with. Do the things no one else wants to. The key to this lies in trusting that the "good people" will see your good things. Don't be a brown-noser, don't call attention to all of the hard work you are doing. People aren't stupid and they see through that just like you do. Just get it DONE. This part is CRITICAL. Now that being said, if you are in med school or something similar "Just start doing" is a bad idea ;)

Sean’s Answer


Let your work speak for you. A strong work ethic will take you far. I was often one of the first ones in the office which allowed me to connect with a smaller group of people before the day started going. When you help someone at work follow up in a few days or when you run in to them to see how things are going. Look for opportunities to engage in your local community through charity work and giving back. I have always met people in all levels of management through those efforts and made some great connections. Importantly, don't approach each connection with the intention of something to gain. Last, the ability to take feedback and make adjustments shows that your are teachable and willing to grow. No matter how long I have been in my career I have found things to learn from every level of management/non-management in an organization. Hope this helps, best wishes.

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  • Find a local charity and donate some time
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