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San Francisco, California
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My main goal is to be able to create animations and characters in video games! But I am also interested in coding as an option!



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Weitao Apr 16 263 views

How does a day in animating look like?

I want to figure out what a day in your job looks like to get a better understanding of what should be expected

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Weitao Apr 16 299 views

What are employer looking for in an animator?

I know that job experience in the field could be important, but do they have preferences in what software they use?

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Weitao Mar 01 650 views

Is majoring in Computer Science worth it?

I'm a junior and I can't decide on a major for college.

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Weitao Mar 01 539 views

What advice do you have for getting into college?

I want to be able to get into a college but I don't know what can make me more likely to get into colleges.

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Weitao Mar 01 787 views

How can I break into the Animation Industry?

I'm a junior in high school and I want to find a job working in animating but I'm not sure where to start.